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Cognitive Linguistics in Discourse Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Cognitive Linguistics within Discourse Analysis, enhanced by an interactive, AI-driven learning environment. It explores the integration of cognitive linguistic principles into discourse analysis, focusing on how language and cognition interact within social contexts. Key cognitive concepts such as metaphor, metonymy, frames, and conceptual blending are examined to reveal how they fundamentally shape our understanding of discourse dynamics. The methodologies section merges Corpus Linguistics with Cognitive Linguistics, utilizing empirical and qualitative methods to identify cognitive patterns in language. The course further applies these insights to analyze political ideologies, media influence, and educational strategies, illustrating the significant impact of cognitive processes on discourse. It also addresses the challenges and future directions of merging Cognitive Linguistics with discourse analysis, including methodological innovations and ethical considerations. Through interactive articles and the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant, students actively engage with the material, selecting text segments and querying for in-depth explanations, thus fostering a dynamic and deeply personalized learning experience.