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Critical Race Theory in Discourse Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of Critical Race Theory (CRT) within Discourse Analysis, utilizing an AI-enhanced interactive platform. It delves into how CRT, enriched by concepts such as intersectionality, critically examines the racial dynamics embedded in language and aims to advocate for systemic equality. The curriculum highlights foundational CRT frameworks like Racial Formation and Whiteness as Property, and introduces key thinkers such as Crenshaw and Bell, who have profoundly influenced the field with their insights on race, gender, and identity. Methodological approaches within CRT, including Critical Discourse Analysis and the Ethnography of Communication, are employed to dissect racial power dynamics in both language and everyday interactions. Through engaging case studies, students explore how CRT applies to real-world discourse, addressing systemic racism and its perpetuation through language. The course also addresses critiques and debates surrounding CRT, particularly its implications on racial essentialism and its integration with intersectional analysis. Interactive articles and the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant enhance learning by allowing students to actively engage with content, pose questions, and receive personalized, in-depth explanations, fostering a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between race and discourse in a dynamic, personalized learning environment.