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Ecocriticism in Discourse Analysis

This course provides an in-depth exploration of Ecocriticism in Discourse Analysis, enhanced by an AI-driven interactive learning environment. It delves into how Ecocriticism examines the interplay between language, culture, and nature, uncovering how discourse influences public perceptions and policies around environmental issues. Key concepts such as environmental discourse, eco-linguistics, and sustainability narratives are explored to understand how language shapes our perception of ecological matters. The course draws from the works of prominent thinkers like Greg Garrard, Cheryll Glotfelty, and George Lakoff, and integrates theories and approaches like Critical Discourse Analysis, Ecofeminism, and Anthropocene Discourse to reveal how language influences environmental policies. Students will engage with methodologies such as Textual Analysis and Multimodal Discourse Analysis to analyze environmental narratives and perceptions. Additionally, the course addresses critics and debates around topics like anthropocentrism and greenwashing, emphasizing how language shapes environmental attitudes and policies. Case studies will highlight the influence of metaphors, narratives, and political rhetoric on shaping public perceptions of environmental issues. Through interactive articles and the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant, students can actively engage with content, pose questions, and gain a deep understanding of how Ecocriticism and discourse intersect in a dynamic learning environment.