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Feminist Post-Structuralism in Discourse Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Feminist Post-Structuralism within Discourse Analysis, facilitated by an AI-enhanced interactive learning environment. It explores how Feminist Post-Structuralism interrogates the intersections of gender, power, and language to challenge and reshape societal constructs of identity and normativity. Integrating foundational theories from both post-structuralism and feminism, the course reveals how discourse analysis can redefine gender norms and identities, utilizing diverse analytical tools and ethical research designs. Students will delve into key themes such as the construction of subjectivity, the challenging of normative assumptions, and the role of discourse in constructing bodies and desires. The course also examines practical applications through critical case studies, highlighting the role of discourse in both perpetuating and challenging societal norms, with a particular focus on digital mediaโ€™s impact on gender discourses. Through engaging with interactive articles and using the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant, students actively participate in uncovering and understanding the complex interplay between language, power, and gender, gaining deep insights into the transformative power of Feminist Post-Structuralist Discourse Analysis.