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Intersectionality in Discourse Analysis

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of Intersectionality in Discourse Analysis, enhanced by an AI-driven interactive learning environment. It delves into the role of intersectionality in understanding how various identities and power structures interconnect within communication, enriching our perception of societal dynamics and fostering more inclusive dialogues. The curriculum integrates a variety of theoretical approaches to uncover how language constructs and contests identities across different social axes, utilizing advanced methodological approaches such as multi-layered and narrative analysis. Students will examine key concepts and engage with pivotal case studies from scholars like Crenshaw and hooks, which highlight the influence of identity dynamics on societal discourse. Additionally, the course addresses the complexities and critiques of intersectional discourse analysis, focusing on the challenges in methodology, inclusivity, and its practical applications in diverse contexts. Through interactive articles and the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant, students are invited to actively engage with the content, select text segments, and pose questions, enabling a thorough understanding of complex concepts at their own pace within a dynamic and personalized learning environment.