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Introduction to Discourse Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of Discourse Analysis, blending traditional methods with innovative AI-enhanced learning. Through interactive articles, students examine how language shapes societal structures in education, healthcare, media, and politics. The curriculum introduces foundational theories from scholars like Foucault and Fairclough, exploring how language constructs social identities and dynamics. Analytical techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, are covered, equipping students with skills for text selection, data coding, and adhering to ethical research practices. A distinctive feature of this course is the use of a Discourse Analyzer AI assistant, which transforms passive reading into an interactive experience where students can select text segments, ask questions, and receive in-depth explanations, thus customizing their learning journey. Addressing practical applications and methodological challenges, the course prepares students to navigate the complexities of language’s influence on societal realities, enabling them to conduct their own research and apply Discourse Analysis in professional and academic settings, all within a dynamic, AI-enhanced environment.