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New Materialism in Discourse Analysis

This course provides a thorough exploration of New Materialism within Discourse Analysis, facilitated by an AI-enhanced interactive learning environment. It delves into how New Materialism redefines the relationship between material realities and linguistic practices, integrating insights from classical materialism, feminist theory, and contemporary critiques of dualisms. Through the influential works of theorists like Karen Barad, Diane Coole, and Jane Bennett, the course examines the transformative impact of New Materialism on understanding the interplay between matter and discourse. Students will engage with innovative methodologies such as Actor-Network Theory and Agential Realism, which underscore the complex dynamics between material and discursive elements. Additionally, the course presents critical debates and case studies that illustrate the practical applications of New Materialism in analyzing how material realities co-construct discursive practices. Through interactive articles and the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant, students are encouraged to actively engage with the content, select text segments, and delve deeper into complex theoretical concepts, fostering a dynamic and in-depth understanding of New Materialism in Discourse Analysis.