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Post-Colonial Theory in Discourse Analysis

This course offers an in-depth examination of Post-Colonial Theory within the framework of Discourse Analysis, enriched by an interactive, AI-assisted learning platform. It explores the dynamic interplay between Post-Colonial Theory and Discourse Analysis, demonstrating how language both shapes and challenges colonial legacies and power dynamics in society. Students will delve into the foundational theories, methodologies, and critical approaches that enable a thorough dissection of colonial narratives and their persistent influence in media, literature, and political discourse. The course also tackles the critical insights, debates, and challenges within Post-Colonial Discourse Analysis, providing a comprehensive view of its application in studying power structures and paths to decolonization. Case studies highlight narratives of resistance and the ongoing impact of colonialism in shaping global discourse. Through interactive articles and the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant, students engage actively with content, selecting text segments and querying for in-depth explanations, thereby deepening their understanding of the complex interactions between language, power, and colonial legacies in a dynamic and personalized learning environment.