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Social Constructionism in Discourse Analysis

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of Social Constructionism within Discourse Analysis, incorporating a dynamic AI-enhanced learning environment. It delves into how social constructionism, through the lens of key theorists, posits language as a fundamental force in shaping social realities, identities, power dynamics, and cultural norms. The curriculum systematically addresses methodological approaches that uncover the role of language in constructing societal phenomena, supported by case studies on media representations, political discourse, and digital identity formation. Each section invites active engagement through interactive articles, where students can use the Discourse Analyzer AI assistant to probe deeper into the content, select text segments, and ask questions for detailed explanations. This course not only highlights the transformative potential of language as viewed by social constructionism but also encourages critical engagement with its critiques and the evolving role of technology in reshaping discourse analysis to address contemporary global challenges and future prospects.