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Sociocultural Approach in Discourse Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive examination of the Sociocultural Approach in Discourse Analysis, enhanced by AI-driven interactive learning modules. It delves into how language, intertwined with culture and society, constructs meanings and identities, drawing on theoretical frameworks like Vygotsky’s mediation and Bakhtin’s dialogism. Students will explore the significant contributions of figures such as Vygotsky, Bakhtin, and Hymes, and apply sociocultural methodologies, including interactional sociolinguistics and ethnographic approaches, to analyze discourse in various contexts like education, the workplace, and digital communication. The course critically evaluates the limitations and challenges of the sociocultural approach, considering the balance between structural influences and individual agency, and integrating interdisciplinary theories. Emerging trends such as multimodality and digital discourse analysis are also covered. Each segment of the course features interactive articles where students can actively engage with the material using a Discourse Analyzer AI, which allows for personalized exploration and understanding of complex concepts in a dynamic, AI-enhanced environment.