White Dwarf Discourse Analyzer Monthly Subscription

$ 12,99 every month

Enjoy 440 credits for a deeper understanding of discourse analysis



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Introducing White Dwarf – the affordable monthly subscription plan that gives you access to the powerful Discourse Analyzer tool and helps you gain a deeper understanding of various topics.

For only $12.99 per month, you can explore the tool at your own pace with 440 credits. Each credit represents 500 tokens, and you can use up to 2 queries per 60 seconds to ensure fair resource allocation and optimal performance. The prompts are limited to 1000 tokens for input questions and 1000 tokens for output responses, so you can get in-depth analysis with ease.

Additionally, as a White Dwarf subscriber, you will receive monthly credit replenishment to ensure you always have fresh credits to use for your learning and research needs. Your unused credits will roll over to the next month, as long as your subscription remains active and is renewed on time. You can even purchase additional credits if you exhaust your monthly allocation or want to add more credits to your account.


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