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Discover the pinnacle of discourse analysis with the Red Giant plan, offering an expansive 1100 credits each month for $25.99. This plan is designed to enable profound inquiries and thorough responses, accommodating interactions of up to 3000 tokens each. With 1100 credits at your disposal, you can maximize exploration and learning opportunities.

Each credit covers up to 500 tokens, and if a single interaction (your question and the assistant’s response) exceeds this limit, multiple credits will be consumed accordingly. You can pose questions up to 3000 tokens and receive comprehensive responses of up to 3000 tokens, providing ample room for detailed questions and in-depth answers.

To ensure fair resource allocation and optimal performance, you can make up to 2 queries per 60 seconds. Enjoy uninterrupted usage of the Discourse Analyzer AI Toolkit without any advertisements, enhancing your overall experience.


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