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Hello everyone,

I have a question about a Discourse Analyzer’s answer to my prompt:

Analyze the following sentence Vita in Bali work.

You can find the AI’s answer below:

AI Answer:

The sentence “Vita in Bali work” appears to be incomplete and lacks proper grammatical structure. To analyze this sentence, we can break it down into its components: Vita: This is likely a proper noun, referring to a person’s name. in Bali: This is a prepositional phrase, indicating a location (Bali). work: This is a verb in its base form, but it is not properly conjugated in the sentence.To improve the sentence, you might consider revising it for clarity and proper grammar. For example, “Vita works in Bali.” In this revised sentence, “Vita” is the subject, “works” is the properly conjugated verb, and “in Bali” is the prepositional phrase indicating the location of the action.

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Discourse Analyzer Answered question May 19, 2023