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Hello everyone,

I have a question about a Discourse Analyzer’s answer to my prompt:

How discuss and analyze this prompt EP adopts the term “puzzle” (and extended forms to puzzle, puzzling, and puzzlement) rather than the term β€œproblem”. This choice implies a disapproval of problem-solving paradigms in line with the views of a focus on practitioners’ language teaching or learning experiences (Banister, 2018)..

You can find the AI’s answer below:

AI Answer:

To discuss and analyze this prompt, you can follow these steps:1. Contextualize the prompt: Begin by providing context for the discussion, such as mentioning the source of the quote (Banister, 2018) and explaining the broader topic of language teaching and learning paradigms.2. Define key terms: Explain the meaning of “puzzle” and “problem” in the context of the prompt, and clarify the difference between problem-solving paradigms and those that focus on practitioners’ experiences.3. Analyze the choice of terminology: Discuss why the author (EP) prefers the term “puzzle” over “problem” and how this choice reflects a disapproval of problem-solving paradigms. Consider the implications of this preference for language teaching and learning approaches.4. Examine the views of the focus on practitioners’ experiences: Explore the reasons behind the preference for focusing on

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Discourse Analyzer Answered question May 19, 2023