Reasons of divorce

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Hello everyone,

I have a question about a Discourse Analyzer’s answer to my prompt:

Reasons of divorce.

You can find the AI’s answer below:

AI Answer:

As a language model AI, I am unable to perform topic modeling directly. However, I can provide you with an analysis of the text “Reasons of divorce” and suggest possible topics related to it. Possible topics related to “Reasons of divorce” might include:1. Communication problems2. Infidelity3. Financial issues4. Incompatibility5. Abuse (physical, emotional, or verbal)6. Addiction7. Lack of support or understanding8. Growing apart9. Unrealistic expectations10. Mental health issuesPlease note that these are general topics, and further context or information would be needed for a more in-depth analysis.

[Insert any additional information or questions you have here]

Sid Ahmed KHETTAB Changed status to publish May 17, 2023

Would you please explain your question? I can see your prompt and the AI answer, but it looks like you left the additional information or question empty.. what exactly are you asking about?

Sid Ahmed KHETTAB Answered question May 17, 2023
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